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3 juillet 2013 3 03 /07 /juillet /2013 12:12

A fastener is a tool used to mechanically affix two pieces of objects. There are different variations of fasteners and some can be used for permanently while some are used temporarily or can be repeatedly unfastened and refastened.

Fasteners, such as nails, screws and nuts and bolts, are used in different types of building or manufacturing industries. There are many different types and there are also standards that keep fastener companies to produce high quality fasteners.


Nuts and Bolts to Aircraft Safety

One of the many important uses of fasteners, particularly the bolts is in aircraft manufacturing, where safety is one of the main concerns. Tiny parts such as nuts and bolts are not to be disregarded in terms of quality, because it is these little parts that hold all the parts together.

Aircraft manufacturing is a separate type of engineering. Aircraft builders hire only the best engineers who not only knows what needs to be done, but are also an expert in the field and has years of experience in terms of engine and the body of the aircraft.

In aeronautics discipline, everything must be perfect the first time every time. This is why, aside from hiring the best aircraft engineers and aircraft builders, all the part must be of highest quality as well. Years ago, companies will need to go to a hardware company to personally buy all these parts, nowadays, they can make use of the internet to go to websites like www.keyfasteners.co.uk to look at what is available and to order the materials online. Some of these websites also provide a catalogue that gives complete descriptions and specifications of the items. The clients just have to make sure that these online companies have the right certifications and are verified and authorized sellers.


The Aircraft Bolts

These are usually composed of titanium and alloy steel, due to the ability to impart stability and strength in keeping the parts together. Markings are placed on the heads to identify that a bolt is purposely made for aircrafts.




Reference taken from here http://www.keyfasteners.co.uk/rail-nuts.htm


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