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Dubai is fast becoming a favourite destination among tourists from around the world with its world-class attractions and facilities, its rich history and its reputation for being a mecca for shopping. With the Internet, it is now very convenient to book flights to Dubai with just a few simple clicks. There are a lot of airlines to choose from, but there are actually two major airlines – Emirates Airlines and FlyDubai airlines. Emirates Airlines is the more upscale airline that caters well to businessmen and celebrities and all of their flights to Dubai and from Dubai are all held in Terminal 3. dubai airlines, on the other hand, are the more affordable but equally excellent airline, and their fleet boards passengers on Terminals 1 and 2.




Range of options

If you check out the FlyDubai website or other Dubai travel information, you will find that there are more than 130 airlines that include Dubai as their destination, excluding the two airlines previously mentioned. Most flights to Dubai come from Europe and Asia, so consumers are actually given a wide range of options in terms of which airline to choose, in terms of affordable flights to Dubai. Simply visit http://www.fly-dubai.com for the complete list of airlines with flights to Dubai.

Dubai airport

The Dubai airport is probably the busiest airport in the Middle East because of the throngs of visitors who want to see Dubai for themselves, or those who are on business trips. In any case, it is very convenient now to book flights to Dubai, and they are made affordable, too. You can go online or call their agents, and you will be done in no time. Your Dubai trip will be totally memorable as long as you accomplish everything that is required and follow all travel regulations that is stipulated. Have fun in Dubai! Click here to know more about this


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