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An engagement ring is proof that a person will soon be married to another person. It is indeed known to be an eternal accessory, one that will remain strong throughout the passage of time, and perhaps, a legacy that will pass on from one generation to the next.

There are many forms of engagement rings available throughout jewelry stores all around the world, according to the craftsmanship and quality, as well as the gem and metal use to create them.

Now, let’s look at one of the most popular forms of engagement rings: the diamond solitaire rings.




The History                 

Diamond solitaire rings are first crafted by Tiffany and Co. in 1886. Tiffany and Co. is known as one of the most popular jewelry brands that existed in the United States. The first form of diamond solitaire rings are in the form of the so-called ‘Tiffany mount’, which features claws that secure the diamond at the center to keep it from falling off.

Ever since then, the diamond solitaire ring became one of the most famous styles, simply because of its simple yet sophisticated look, as well as its quality.

The Description

At first glance, one may see that the band of the diamond solitaire ring is thin compared to most variations. Because of this, it may be quite comfortable to fit onto the ring finger. On the back, it’s engraved with the name of the jewelry company, though it can be customized with other engraving methods to make it unique.

As for the size of the central diamond, it’s small, and it’s kept secure by the claws that jut out to the top to keep the gem in place.

The metal used to form the band is usually silver, though gold can also be used.

The price may vary according to the carat weight of the central diamond. The higher the carat weight, the more expensive the ring is.

So there, here’s the basic guide on diamond solitaire rings, but feel free to dig deeper to look into other types of engagement rings to suit the taste and budget.Go here to see, what author recommends. http://www.haloengagement.com/champagne-diamonds/




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