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11 février 2013 1 11 /02 /février /2013 13:02


You should increase the views of your YouTube marketing videos by buying them. Why? That's because the success of the video-based marketing technique will ultimately hinge on your ability to attract views. Yes, naturally, video quality should be your priority too, and no, the increase youtube views by any means necessary won't matter if people don't actually bother sticking around to watch the whole video (you can use the video stats functionality of YouTube to check that out). However, it's also a fact that people are more likely to patronize your video if it has more views.


The View Trap and How to Escape It


¾     Here's the "view trap" in a nutshell. Like some sort of Catch-22, the only way people will pay attention to your video is by it getting more views; however, the only way for a video to get those views is for people to pay attention to it. You can escape this crazy loop by tagging your video correctly, making it relevant to the interests of your target audience, advertising it in related blogs and forums without necessarily spamming it, and getting more subscribers who'll be the first ones to get a look at all the videos you upload.


¾     However, getting those views for your video is easier said (or written) than done, especially when it comes to promotional videos, because very rarely would people go out of their way to watch commercials (even well-made ones). The more views your video has, the higher it will rank on Google and YouTube, thus bringing in more would-be subscribers and views; views for the sake of views, if you will.



¾     That's the reason why some people actually buy YouTube views to get that much-needed high ranking from Google and YouTube whenever searches are conducted. These aren't artificial, bot-based views either; real people with real connections in the blogosphere or the social networks will share your videos with friends and family, so they're very much worth the payment.



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