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Since the development of gunpowder in Ancient China, different kinds of firearms were designed and developed based on the necessity and purpose. The kind ranges from small hand held weapons to belt fed ammunition machine guns. The most common type of firearm is the handgun.

The handgun is the smallest of all firearms. The term handgun is commonly interchanged with the word “pistol”. But according to experts and designers, a pistol is only a classification of a handgun. A handgun is a weapon meant to be operated by using only one hand or both hands. It is lightweight and easily concealed. Civilians usually use it for self-defense, target shooting, and even hunting. This wiatrówki can fire shots with shorter distance and accuracy compared to long guns like the rifles and shotguns.


Kinds of handguns


  •       Revolver


By definition, the revolver includes a mechanism that rotates inside the gun enabling the user to fire a shot one after the other without reloading.


  •      Semi-automatic pistol


It is a pistol that can be operated with one hand because of its automatic mechanism in reloading the next bullet for the second shot.


  •      Machine pistol


It is a fully automatic pistol that is capable of firing shots at a faster rate. It is designed to be fired with one hand. Accurate shots may be harder because of its increase firing rate.


  •      Single shot pistol


The single-shot pistol is one of the earliest handguns ever designed.  It is the simplest and is rarely used nowadays. It is still manufactured today; its use mainly as flare guns for signaling and specialized hunting.


  •      Multi-barreled pistol


It is a pistol capable of delivering more than one shot at a time.

Even if the handgun is the smallest forearm ever created, it is still as dangerous as any other gun if used and handled improperly. It helps to learn more about the gun you wish to purchase to gain more information.



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