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MREs are military food packs designed to last despite harsh conditions. These ready to eat meals are distributed to the United States Armed Forces during operations.

Military MREs are complete meals that can be eaten anywhere as they come complete with condiments, meal accessories and drinks. Each MRE is a complete and balanced meal usually with about 1200 calories. Every MRE bag has a main course like spaghetti, a side dish of corn, fruit, potatoes, rice, crackers, jam or cheese, a dessert, seasoning, candy, beverage, accessories that include spoons, matches, toilet paper, cream and sugar, salt and chewing gum. These self-contained meals come in 24 different menus and are changed every now and then.

An MRE can be eaten as is without being reheated.  Main entrees can be consumed cold but a flameless warmer is provided in case one prefers to warm the food.  Beverages can also be consumed as is but taste better when water is added.  Examples of beverages provided are drink mixes, cocoa, shakes, tea and coffee. A whole day’s ration would comprise 3 MRE bags.


·         These complete and ready to eat meals are packed in cases containing 12 bags each and can last for as long as 36 months if stored at a temperature of 80 degrees F.


·         They may change color over time but are still fit for consumption when stored at the right temperature.

·         The sole purpose of MREs is for logistic support for military operations and is not for consumption by the general public.

·          However, the rising incidence of emergency situations like Hurricane Katrina has created a demand for MREs to be made available for purchase by non military individuals and organizations.


Military contractors supplying MREs are banned from selling them to the general public.  Due to demand for MREs from the non-military, these suppliers created civilian MREs as an alternative to enable the general public to buy MRE meals.




Visit here to find official website http://www.survival-warehouse.com/food/MRE/index.htm


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