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Having someone to guide you along your quest for a healthy lifestyle is a good option so as to make sure that you heed all the guidelines and be in good shape. A personal trainer is a highly capable professional who will teach you the five key areas of exercise which are:

¾     Body composition

¾     Cardiovascular endurance

¾     Flexibility

¾     Muscular endurance; and

¾     Strength

Also called fitness trainers, they are the ones responsible in coaching and motivating a person to avoid all those which can cause harm to the body including bad habits, unhealthy food, and the avoidance of common vices like alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs.

In hiring a personal trainer, you must make sure that he has met all the needed requirements to be a licensed physical instructor. Through this, you will make sure that all the methods used are correct and your payment is worth every cent.

Personal Trainer Qualifications

¾     Education – according to the U.S Bureau of Labor and Statistics, an aspiring fitness trainer must undergo a rigid coursework before they can start working. They must acquire a certification which can either be a bachelor’s degree or an associate program in kinesiology and other fields that relate to health and wellness.

¾     Licensing – after a degree or associate program, personal trainers need to undergo specialized classes in order to pass the training examination. The tests vary depending on the organization but it is usually done via multiple choices, scenario-type assessments, and written response. Passing the test will be granted by a license to practice as a professional trainer.

Alternative Positions

Fitness trainers who are looking to expand their careers through a managerial position and the like need to complete and advanced degree, a series of certifications and a vast work experience. For instance, a trainer who wants to be a manager at a local health club can take additional credits in business courses.


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