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8 juillet 2013 1 08 /07 /juillet /2013 08:22


Did you know that billions of gallons of water are wasted everyday and such wastage does not take place in poor third world countries? Americans purportedly use 35 billion gallons of potable water everyday in restrooms, kitchens and gardens. Half of these, however, go straight to the drain. Toilets, kitchen sinks, and garden hoses are but three of the worse indirect ways to waste water. All American homes have all three facilities. It is not utterly surprising then that the greatest wastage takes place in ordinary American homes. How do we address this concern? Do you need to possess a high degree of skill or technology to conserve water?



Water conservation is important to insure a green planet. The following are just a few simple ways to get you started

1.       Always make it a habit to turn off faucets located in the toilet and kitchen. It is typical for those who spend a good amount of their time in the kitchen to leave faucets open. It starts with the pretext of cleaning or washing a vegetable or fruit. Food is washed in running water. However the faucet is left open even after the ingredients are cooked. This is a common habit that people do not often realize until after the next water bill.

2.      If you are planning to restructure your toilet or shower, make sure you install sinks and equipment that are water efficient.  Also, employ kitchen appliance that utilizes the least amount in terms of kilowatt consumption. If you are preparing meat straight from the freezer, do your thawing on a small bin filled with ordinary water. Avoid, as much as possible, thawing the meat by means of running water.

3.      Repair leaking faucets, cracks and rusting kitchen sinks. Upon installation, make sure these implements comply with federal regulation on consumer products, as well as allow for hassle-free installation.Author is an expert  click here for more interesting information

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