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How could two glasses, both heated and rolled over, differ from one another? When a glass substrate (also called laminate or polyvinyl butyral) is sandwiched between two additional sheets of glass, a laminated glass will be produced. When it is heated then cooled in rapid succession, a tempered glass will be effected.

Laminated glasses do not shatter

Even if it would be hit by a rock or other object in the event of a car accident or during a high rate of speed, it still will not shatter into a million tiny pieces. The broken pieces of the windshield or window just will stay together, and only a crack or chip would appear which could easily be corrected using your very own windshield repair kit or through the help of a professional windshield repair person.

And because of its glass substrate and two layers of glass, a visit barrettsgroup.net website serves as a buffer to loud noises and from the ultraviolet radiation of the sun. This is the reason why it is used for the windshield—the biggest windows in a vehicle—as well as in windows of high-rise buildings that get lots of direct sunlight. Actually, some car manufacturers are already contemplating on the idea of using laminated glasses for the roof of a vehicle. Many concept cars are already doing this, calling the innovation a cielo roof.




Laminated glasses are more expensive that tempered glasses are considered. Tempered glasses are also very strong. Their durability depends on how quick they are heated and cooled successively. The heating and cooling actually causes the glass to compress, making tempered glasses five to 10 times stronger than they could be originally. Aside from their price, they are preferred in the windows of automobiles in case someone has to be forced outside a car.

Still, laminated glasses are more often used in the windshields of cars. The processes required to compress tempered glasses can cause them to break into dull pieces, making car manufacturers switch to laminated glasses for the rear passenger windows. Look here for more details http://www.barrettsgroup.net/toughened_glass.htm . 

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