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Sprudelbad is the German word for whirlpool bathtub.  It is an individual thermal carbonic bath which is similar to a Thermal-bubble bath.  The only difference is that plain water is heated to a temperature which is between 32 and 34 degrees Celsius rather than using hot water directly. Mostly of the spas we have now offer this kind of bathtub to its clients and customers.  But what is a Sprudelbad or a whirlpools bathtub in its simplest term? What are its benefits to those who frequently use it? This article will give you an overview about Sprudelbad or whirlpool bathtub.



Benefits of Sprudelbad

·         Sprudelbad or whirlpool bathtub which is commonly found in spas and salons is mainly for medical and wellness purposes. It is a treatment which helps in relieving stress from the mind and the body as well as losing weight. This is due to the fact that heat energy is being used to burn off the fats in your body while you are inside and dip in it. Since you just lie in the Sprudelbad and relax, this makes your body and mind stress-free of anything.

·         The water bubbles of the Sprudelbad caressed and wrapped the skin of your body while you are inside it. These water bubbles of carbon dioxide tickle your skin pleasantly and giving you a calming effect while inside it. That is why, it is very ideal for your body’s general relaxation. It also increases the blood flow inside your body which in turn boosts muscle healing. Due to the heat of the water in the Sprudelbad, it makes your body temperature to rise and makes your blood vessels to dilate and gives you better blood circulation in your muscles.

The treatment can last from 10 to 20 minutes and no need for any prescription from a doctor to undergo this kind of relaxation treatment. Some spas offered a 15-minute dry wrap treatment after 10 to 20 minutes being dipped into it.


Reference taken from here http://www.spagart.ch/calderaspas/leistung-und-effizienz/

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