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7 mai 2013 2 07 /05 /mai /2013 12:13

So now you finally found a great invisible dog fence website that has everything you need. What’s thenext step? Place an order right away? The answer is no, not yet. It is critical for your dog’s safety and your peace of mind to have the best invisible dog fence system there is. Not to mention the cost, effort, and time it takes planning and installing the system that will just be wasted, just in case the system doesn’t work. Do not place that order on that great invisible dog fence website you found until it answers these questions:


1.       Does you great invisible dog fence website say something about an alarm if there is a break in the line? Wired invisible dog fence depends on the continuity of the line, if this is breaks without your knowledge, this might pose a danger for your furry friend. So make sure that they have this covered in their product. 

2.       In cases of power failure, can the pet containment system be plugged into a battery? This is another question that is important to ask the great invisible dog fence website you found.

3.       A great invisible dog fence website should tackle questions about installation. Wired system relies on the continuity of the wires underground.

4.       When using a wireless containment system, make sure to find out the radius of its coverage. This varies from brand to brand. Measure your containment area or yard and make sure that it will be covered in the containment system. 

5.       If you have a bigger property, be sure to look in the great invisible dog fence website you found if it is possible to add other transmitters. Since the wireless system covers in loops, the two system’s coverage can overlap. The dog can cross between two boundaries without getting a corrective stimulation. 






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