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Survivalists and Preppers – these are “robes” that many people are now beginning to wear. Who wouldn’t want to be safe in Noah’s ark during the 40 days of rain and flood? Although alike in many ways, a survivalist differs from a prepper in a lot of context. Several people even comment that survivalism is a way-too-extreme type of preparedness. Below are examples of how the first is “ahead” of the other.  prepper blog is showing you that.




·         A prepper is concerned with preparedness for natural disasters like storms and flood, power blackouts, economic recession and anything that would disrupt the regular ADLs. In addition to these foreseeable crises, a survivalist would also anticipate a World War III, a nuclear wipeout or even an alien invasion for some.


·         Preppers usually focus on taking care of the physiological levels of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Survivalists go all the way to the top of the pyramid and take measures in terms of self defense.


·          A prepper takes preventive measures from diseases that may affect the family and study pathogens that may cause physical infirmities. A survivalist takes precautions not only for these diseases but also for global pandemics and biochemical weapons.


·         While preppers are concerned about food shortage due to a calamity or a dwindling economy, survivalists are concerned with scenarios like massive rebel attacks and political unrest that will leave the people lining up for rations.


·         A prepper will have tents and the basement ready just in case the 2nd floor gets hit by a crashing plane. A survivalist has a camper ready and may even store waterproof canvas to build a make-shift home.


Although they seem to be alike and related in a lot of ways, survivalists think outside the four walls of a prepper’s mind. Should the earth be hit by an asteroid, survivalists may be among the few who will stay alive. You can learn more about keyword here http://www.pioneerliving.net/





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