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7 mai 2013 2 07 /05 /mai /2013 08:19


Survivalists and Preppers – these are “robes” that many people are now beginning to wear. Who wouldn’t want to be safe in Noah’s ark during the 40 days of rain and flood? Although alike in many ways, a survivalist differs from a prepper in a lot of context. Several people even comment that survivalism is a way-too-extreme type of preparedness. Below are examples of how the first is “ahead” of the other.  prepper blog is showing you that.




·         A prepper is concerned with preparedness for natural disasters like storms and flood, power blackouts, economic recession and anything that would disrupt the regular ADLs. In addition to these foreseeable crises, a survivalist would also anticipate a World War III, a nuclear wipeout or even an alien invasion for some.


·         Preppers usually focus on taking care of the physiological levels of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Survivalists go all the way to the top of the pyramid and take measures in terms of self defense.


·          A prepper takes preventive measures from diseases that may affect the family and study pathogens that may cause physical infirmities. A survivalist takes precautions not only for these diseases but also for global pandemics and biochemical weapons.


·         While preppers are concerned about food shortage due to a calamity or a dwindling economy, survivalists are concerned with scenarios like massive rebel attacks and political unrest that will leave the people lining up for rations.


·         A prepper will have tents and the basement ready just in case the 2nd floor gets hit by a crashing plane. A survivalist has a camper ready and may even store waterproof canvas to build a make-shift home.


Although they seem to be alike and related in a lot of ways, survivalists think outside the four walls of a prepper’s mind. Should the earth be hit by an asteroid, survivalists may be among the few who will stay alive. You can learn more about keyword here http://www.pioneerliving.net/





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10 avril 2013 3 10 /04 /avril /2013 09:08

Old feed systems of bolt action rifles like the Mosin Nagant Stock were non-detachable magazines that need to be reloaded individually or with the use of 5-round stripper clips.  Stripper clips are those that hold cartridges from the base of its shell and pressed down from the top of the fixed magazine.


New magazine 


With the increased demand for the Mosin-Nagant, a detachable magazine has been developed to improve the feed system.  A new stock designed for the rifle has a 5-round magazine that goes with the purchase of the stock.  The new feed system makes it more convenient for hunters when reloading the rifle.


The improvement of the magazine did not end with the 5-round magazine.  A new 10-round chambered banana type of magazine was also developed.  It is an option when buying the aftermarket stock for the Mosin-Nagant.


Cartridges for the magazine 


Take note that the standard cartridge for the Mosin-Nagant is 7.62×54mmR.  The Finnish version of the rifle uses a 7.62×53mmR cartridge while the Polish variant uses a 7.92×57mm Mauser cartridge.  Although the difference in size is just one to three millimeters, it is wise to check if the magazine can accommodate those different sizes.


A magazine that accommodates the size of the Polish variant may be able to load all sizes but the question will be on the loading to the chamber.  Bear in mind that a Mosin-Nagant that has its fixed magazine removed might have some slight difference when load a cartridge to the chamber.


There are some other makes of rifles that can accommodate different sizes of cartridges and they are the modern ones that were designed to do so.  This will not be the same for the Mosin-Nagant.   To be safe and sure, it is best to have it checked out with a professional gunsmith.


Author is an expert of mosin nagant magazine , visit here for more interesting information


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9 avril 2013 2 09 /04 /avril /2013 12:06


The material to be used on your new floor would depend on certain factors and consideration. Here are just some of the line items to name a few:


What is it needed?

We need to consider the need of the house or of the home owner, as to why he is planning to redo the floor. Is the floor squeaky? Does the floor seem to be desolated? Does it easily get dirty and doesn’t shine anymore. Does it easily wear out based from experience? These are just some of the questions that you have to ask yourself if you are planning to do some floor renovation. Upon getting answers to these questions, then you would have more idea on what kind of flooring that you would switch to as you start off with the home renovation.


Accessories and furniture for your home

It is easily disregarded, the accessory you are using like having a rug pad for hardwood floor for your beautiful rugs, or the coffee table that you are using to complement your sofa. The furniture and accessories are not given much attention when deciding for the appropriate flooring, but if you come to think of it, they play a huge role in getting the best type of flooring for the house. The furniture must be able to complement the floor, both aesthetically and also in the surface manner. When we say surface manner, it means that the furniture and the floor are compatible as the object touches the floor. For example, bright tiles are not compatible with tables that have very pointy feet, as it may scratch the surface of the tile. By putting this into the equation, you would be able to decide on the right material for the new flooring that would look good, and last long.


For more details, go here http://discountedrugpads.com/1400-series-rug-pad-white-5-x-8-reviews/


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8 avril 2013 1 08 /04 /avril /2013 13:24

To answer this question, I would have to ask you, how many times have you experienced pain in your feet bad enough to keep you off them for an entire night? If you look back, you’ll probably see that, before the pain and discomfort, you were probably required to walk long distances, or to stand up for long periods of time. Did you experience pain in your arches or your soles, or maybe even on your calves up to your thighs? You may even have experienced blisters forming at the bottom or sides of your foot.


These are the reasons why comfort shoes are worth the extra dollars that you will spend. As compared to other types of footwear, these types of shoes were specially designed in order to absorb shock and pressure, minimizing the stress inflicted upon your feet. They are also comprised of special materials that reduce friction, heat, and moisture, keeping your feet fresh and comfortable all throughout the day. With comfortable feet, you will be more productive, and your mind will not be occupied by feelings of pain or discomfort. You will be able to function much better, and all that will be courtesy of your comfortable shoes.


You can find these types of shoes either online or in many retailers around the country. Several footwear manufacturers offer comfortable shoes that can be used for all types of activities, and they come in all kinds of styles and designs that will suit your personal tastes. For just a couple of extra dollars, you can not only feel good, but you will also look good while wearing high quality and very comfortable shoes. Make sure that you do a fitting first before making a purchase, and that you know what type of shoe best fits your feet in order to get the full benefits of your footwear.


For more details, go here http://www.comfortfeetshop.com/brand_born.asp

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25 mars 2013 1 25 /03 /mars /2013 10:32

Moving is difficult because it needs a lot of planning. What can make it even more difficult is when you need to do it alone. It’s a good thing that there is a company in Oxford called RJS Removals that specialize in removal services which makes it so much easier.

RJS is an Oxford based removal company that provides removal services not just in Oxford but also in the following areas:

·         Abingdon

  • Swindon 
  • Reading
  • High Wycombe
  • Banbury
  • and surrounding areas


If you will be moving soon, call RJS Removals in Oxford now for a free quotation. They provide removal services for house moves, office moves and student moves. They also provide storage service for those needing a place to store their goods before moving. RJS also guarantees that your goods are insured when in their hands.


Other services that RJS provides are the following:

·         business & industrial removals

  • man and van
  • contract packers
  • furniture removals
  • packing services
  • long distance removals
  • national removals
  • overseas removals
  • part load removals
  • piano removals
  • short term storage
  • single item removals
  • storage
  • removal boxes
  • house clearance
  • boxes



RJS Removals in Oxfordhas been in the business for 10 years and their business is growing because of referrals provided by customers they had serviced in the past. That means customers are satisfied with services provided. Their rates are very competitive, definitely lower than what other moving companies charge. They honour loyal customers by giving out a 10% discount to returning customers. The also provide a 25% discount to students knowing that students are always on a tight budget. RJS is very flexible with their work schedule so you can have your goods moved and delivered to you at a time you prefer.

When moving, it’s always good to plan ahead. Inquiries can be done personally at their Oxford office or online.

When choosing your removals company, get more information by either going here http://www.rjsremovals.co.uk/ or by asking friends and relatives. Make sure you choose a reliable moving company. Look for posted testimonials or complaints online. Be informed. Better to be safe than sorry.


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23 mars 2013 6 23 /03 /mars /2013 13:05



Clarks Shoes is one of those organizations that deliver trendsetting shoes that define entire generations because of how well-made they are. They're quite well-versed when it comes to what it takes to take the world by storm. Furthermore, that's Clarks Shoes main claim to fame. The reason they were able to break into the saturated shoe market is through their creativity and can-do attitude. Mister Cyrus Clark, the founder of shoe clarks, always wanted his shoe company to stand out from the rest since the very beginning, which is why the main modus operandi of Clarks Shoes was to think outside the box and fill in niches that most people weren't aware they're needed.


Clarks Shoes Are a Designer's Dream Come to Life


¾     For over 180 years... almost two centuries, in fact... Clarks Shoes have found a way to become part of the culture and everyone's childhood because it's been doing its part to stand out and be heard for every generation since its creation. It's a household brand name in every sense of the word, and it's making strides in invading the Worldwide Web as well with its presence.


¾     The legacy of Clarks Shoes when it comes to being a designer's dream come true is undeniable. The company has a tradition of excellence spanning for many years; it's older than many nations or cultures, in fact. That's how big and powerful of an establishment it's become, but it never once forgotten its roots in terms of creatively designed, quality shoes.



¾     The Clark Brother's 1830 business has grown and bloomed by leaps and bounds from its humble beginnings as a shoe store just like any other shoe store out there. The company particularly values customer satisfaction in its quest to continue its long-term success. Its employees are hard workers, and its standards of quality are followed by shoemakers all over the globe.




     Look here for more details http://www.comfortfeetshop.com/brand_clarks.asp



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8 mars 2013 5 08 /03 /mars /2013 07:23



Making an investment for a home is such a huge deal, it is actually among the biggest and the most significant form of investment that an individual can make in their lives, and each of us has the right to realize it. With the aid of the austin homes Search, these days every individual who endeavor to make such form of investment can now bask from the tips which will be provided below. These tips are primarily coming from the experts who would like to help out individuals like you to make this process easier.

Investing on a house is not an easy matter, thus, hearing some tips from the experts would be beneficial to make a well-informed decision.

Below are experts take on the process of making an investment in Austin, Texas:

Before you even engage in speaking to anybody who has a connection with the Search Austin Home group, it is imperative that you need to check out the BBB so that you will have an idea on how legit the company is. BBB will provide you the most reliable and accurate information regarding how honest and legal the company is, whether or not it has some unresolved legal issues from its past transaction. If in any case that you see a lot of complaints from previous clients and unresolved matters on this particular company, it would be best to pause and think for a while and then simply look elsewhere for another home search company as your option.

Try to come up with a fixed budget for your needs on your home searches. When you decide on this matter, try to stick to that particular budget. When the real estate agent would like to know how much your budget it, he or she would more likely look for a great place that is within that price range and will not force you to stretch your pockets beyond your fixed budget.


 Reference taken from here http://www.greateraustinhomes.com/


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7 mars 2013 4 07 /03 /mars /2013 11:18



People who want more Twitter followers will find themselves astonished with the lots of ways in gaining such. What is even good is that they can do it as fast as they want to. This new way of gaining followers is being used as a marketing tool. This had received lots of positive responses. To get more Twitter followers can be very simple if people know what to do. There are those who buy followers, while there are those who make use of the so called “the leach method.” Learn more about these things with this article.


Gaining More Followers


For those who want more followers, the best thing to do is to do mass following. This can be very effective. People who will do such though should be prepared because there are chances that they might stuck up on useless spam accounts. This will boost the following count though. For example the account is intended for a particular business, and then it will mean a lot if a person will undergo a research first about the biggest names that are related on the niche he belongs to. This may lead to one gaining more followers who also share the same interest. This may sound simple at first but a lot of time needs to be spent for this. Just avoid spams and everything will surely go well.


Twitter users need to remember as well the importance of paying attention to people who follow them. Send them a message. This might help. Know what is going on with them. Basically, the main goal is to build a relationship with the person or the new follower. For businesses this will surely work. Not everyone will buy, this is given already. However, this may lead to something good too. Profit perhaps so, pay attention on every detail.



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4 mars 2013 1 04 /03 /mars /2013 08:15


Learning piano takes time. It is a skill that cannot be learned overnight and should be learned with interest and eagerness. However with the advent of technology, learning about it in a much more interactive way has become much easier for almost anyone. You can now try learning it on your own without having to enroll to a music school or have the service of a certified piano teacher.


Among the various options that you could try is Piano For All Review . This all-in-one course caters to all piano players, whether you are still a beginner, an intermediate student or an advanced player already. It has plenty of very helpful lessons and includes the following in its package:


¾     It contains ten workbooks containing keyboard diagrams, basic techniques on how to play the piano, musical notation and tackles different styles of music, and chord voicing, among other lessons. It comes with a PDF format of the books that you could print in case you want to focus on one particular topic.


¾     It also comes with five hundred audio lessons and two hundred video lessons making learning much more interactive and interesting. These give you a much more in-depth view of the topics, making piano instruction much easier to be understood.


¾     Because of its interactive system, you may also click on a musical piece on the e-book and hear it first before you try learning it on your own.


In case you are still not sure whether or not you are really interested with the package, you may choose to try downloading their sample pages to have an idea about the course. You can try buying the books one at a time in case you cannot learn it all still or buy the whole package if you are really eager to have it all already. It comes with a one hundred percent sixty-day money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the program.



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28 février 2013 4 28 /02 /février /2013 12:26


There are actually a couple of different style choices of shoes for men who endeavor to comfortably walk out of their home and perform all their day to day undertakings from work down to their personal activities.

Getting to Know the Best Footwear

Men's clarkes shoes can be bought from numerous outlets. These kinds of Clark footwear have the ability to aid you infeeling relaxedcompletely. These shoesalso comein a variety of colors black or brownish; some are even made out of leather. However, thisfootwearisextremelystriking in brown suede. All of these men's Clark footwear incorporates the casualstylishness with a distinctive look which can be worn on a casual event down to the most formal party you could possibly ever imagine.

What You Get with These Footwear

These set of footwear are unbelievablynatural to slip on to the feet; this so to speak features “a worryfree” footwear. This is made possible due to the double-sided cutsas well as the pulling Velcro or tab.

Furthermore, they holdthe recommended laid-back appearance that doesn't look extra sluggish or perhaps a tad too sneakerish.

Clarks shoe come in various sizes and colors. They are made available in beige or black color, or even with green hues that have leather uppers which are washed syntheticallyand soles of footwear are factory-made with the use of quality reused tires. These are, in general, environment-friendly footwear.

Fashion Tips for the Men on the go!

And this leads us to question onthe ideal footwear for summertime? Well, it depends actually on your own taste. Basically, there are two typical choices for men during summertime, and these will determine which kind of shoes will fit him best. If he endeavorsthe footwear to be the jack of all trades then he may look for it at Clarks. 



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